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Are You A Tommy Or A Melrose? Dressing your family for a photoshoot



For the Tommy pick a palette. Then dress everyone within it. You’ve seen this before. The gorgeous family up above went with pink, baby blue, grey, white and denim. Make it a few colors so there's variety, and don't make everyone wear every one. You'll look like one of those gorgeous aspirational families from billboards, and let's be honest, that's where you belong! One look I’d caution against is white tops with jeans. We’ve all seen it a million times and it just doesn’t feel natural.



For the Melrose you could get everyone to agree on a style (fancy, business casual, sweats, nice jeans, etc.), or you could let them dress like they really do in real life. Then let everyone wear what they want. They'll look like the cast of an amazing Young Adult show. Think Friends or 90210 (All my references are from the 90s). This is definitely the way to go if you’ve got teenagers who think matching is stupid, or you want photos that actually look like your real life. In my family, my husband would be in a suit, I’d be wearing ripped jeans and a giant sweater, Poppy would be wearing something with a unicorn on it, Ollie would be wearing a Black Panther shirt and his natives, and Willow would be running around in just a diaper.


So, is your family a Tommy or a Melrose?