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What if it rains?


Weather happens. In life, we can plan whatever we want but it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. The same holds true for a photo session.

If we’ve got an outdoor session planned, I really really want that to work. But it might rain. And if it does, we’ve got options.

The first option is umbrellas. I love taking rainy day photos. It’s beautiful, the rain makes a gorgeous soft focus on everything around us, and you really just glow. There’s puddles to jump in, laughs to have, and rainboots for everyone!

We can also head down to Underpass park where the Gardiner meets the DVP. It’s covered (by the underpass) and covered in grafitti! It is super cool and urban, and totally rainproof!

If that’s not going to work (for example, there’s lightning) then we’ll have to go inside. But that’s great too! Check out my blog on where to plan your indoor shoot for the reasons I love your house and other indoor spaces.