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Baby R

This sweet baby angel was so badly wanted and mom and dad are so grateful to finally have him in their life. I was so glad I got to meet him and had such a lovely afternoon hanging out with this sweet family. Dad walked down the stairs holding his three month old in outfit number one and proclaimed he looked straight out of Peaky Blinders. That's when I knew I was gonna like these folks. We snuggled little Thomas Shelby and got him looking properly moody before we headed upstairs to capture his (future) love of football. Then, the piece de resistance, little R put on his astronaut suit! I couldn't even. These outfits were hilariously adorable. We were wondering why he was suddenly being so cranky when he fell asleep in his mommy's arms which meant we got to capture some fabulous crib shots with all his little stuffies (he'd never slept in there before so it was very exciting for everyone). And we got sweet little Tequila in there for a quick kiss! It was a lovely afternoon with lovely people and I'm so grateful they invited me in to their home to capture this lovely part of their lives.