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The Fabulous Torabis

I’m obsessed with this family. My family is great, and I’m not shopping for a new one, but if I were, I’d apply for this one. They are hilarious! We were meeting on a day that couldn’t make up it’s mind about the weather. Would it be really humid and sweaty? Would it be a light drizzle? Would it be a thunderstorm? Not even Mother Nature knew. We had a backup plan (hello Underpass Park, I’m looking at you!) but decided to stick with High Park. I love hanging out with your extended family. It is so much fun to get to know everyone and capture all the relationships. I usually start with a big group shot so I can observe everyone’s interactions and figure out who everyone is in relation to each other. So that’s what we did. And then about 3 seconds after we set up the first group shot, the sky opened up! Oh my goodness. Luckily, the Torabi’s are the coolest people ever, and were totally nonplussed by this. We hid under a tree for a minute while it passed and kept right on going. The weather was on our side from there on out, and we had so much fun wandering down the river, across the bride, and down to the best tree in the city. Then we hung out by the pond for a while and all the adult siblings mimed baseball (see below). Afterwards, we headed home to get a group shot of all the dogs. That might sound crazy, but wait till you see them all!!