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J & P and their two sweet boys

I've been lucky enough to know J since high school and we were all eagerly awaiting the birth of her and her amazing husband P's newest baby boy. He's finally here and he is beautiful, and perfect and so very in love with his mama, just like everyone else who knows her. He is also lucky to have a daddy who adores him and a big brother who is so much fun, so funny and so clever, to show him the way around. These lovely humans were a great team of three and their newest addition has just upped the snuggle factor. Mom and Dad both have such a great sense of humor about all the insanity that comes with a second child and somehow spending time with them and their newborn and their two year old boy felt calm. I've got one sweet son and he is amazing, but holy moly is he ever a ball of energy. If anyone can handle two of those balls rolling each other around it's these guys. Congratulations J & P!