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I love in home newborn photography, especially with a bedroom like this!

I love Sari. I’ve been photographing her and Kyle and their adorable family since their oldest turned one. She was pregnant at that photoshoot and the next time I saw them they had another little boy. When you scroll through this post you’ll see how strong those genes are! Rain and Chase may as well be twins.

I love going over because they are such great parents and their boys are so adorable and kind and I always go home with great parenting tips from the two of them. This summer when I did her maternity photos for her third, a little girl, my instagram exploded with likes. I promise to blog that session one day, it was so beautiful and she had all the best outfits courtesy of her super-fashionable sister in law.

I was so excited to photograph their little girl because experience had taught me that she’d be full of great ideas and I was not disappointed. The boys were at camp and were going to come home right at the very end of the session which avoids the bored-sibling effect that newborn sessions can occassionally produce. And she bought a unicorn outfit for Savannah (I may or may not have a unicorn tattoo - what can I say? I’ve always loved Lisa Frank).

Savannah’s bedroom had always been Kyle’s office, so I’d never been inside. It’s HUGE! And she has her own ensuite bathroom. So basically, at a week old she was already living my dream. After two boys, mom went full on girly with this room and it’s spectacular. Pink everything with a giant accent wall papered in black and white florals, golden polka dotted bedsheets and soft accents everywhere. I couldn’t get enough.

When the boys came home they couldn’t wait to hold their baby sister. It was still summer (take me back) so we headed outside to get some family photos for the walls. The boys giggled with their dad til they finally got to orchestrate their vision for their photos with their sister and they were adorable little snuggle bugs. And then Bubbie and Zaidie showed up! You know my love of grandparent photos so I wouldn’t leave til we got a cute photo of them with their beautiful grandbabies.

I love this sweet (no so) little family and I’m so excited to share them with you!