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We’ve got a date, now it’s time to plan your outfit(s)!



Forget choosing an outfit you’re going to hang on your wall and pass down to future generations. But don’t worry, you’re not in this alone. Just keep reading for my tips on how to pick an outfit you’ll be happy you wore. But remember, the most important thing you can do is dress like yourself. If any of these guidelines don’t feel good to you, remember that they’re just guidelines, not rules. If you’re going to feel best in a super flowy flamingo print dress then you do you!

  • Don’t wear super flowy clothes. I always want to, and I do on most days, but these are still images, so they don’t capture the loveliness that happens when the breeze catches your top and it dances around your waistline. There will be no waistline. You want a little bit of structure to help define your silhouette. A jacket over top of a loose dress goes a long way in helping to keep it all together.

  • Do plan more than one outfit. If you wake up the morning of and just can’t fathom pulling on those skinny jeans, it’s nice to have a backup plan so you’re not ripping everything you own off of hangers when you could be getting the kids organized and your eyeliner on.

  • Speaking of eyeliner, makeup is your friend today. A little blush and some eyeliner will help define your features, and if I could only bring one thing to a deserted island it would be concealer. Makeup will help make you pop but don’t make yourself look too different from your every day. My daughter Poppy is always happy to point out that when I wear too much makeup I just don’t look like myself, and she thinks I’m beautiful just the way I am.

  • Don’t wear anything too trendy. Pineapples are really fun and cute, but remember when we all thought nothing was cooler than an owl? So save the crop top for tomorrow and wear something a little bit more classic today.

  • Do consider the colour pallete. Everyone in the photo should either wear warm colours (reds and yellows) or cool colours (blues and greens) Dark colours are perceived by the eye to take up less space. Light colours look fresh and clean and bounce light on to your face. Bright, bold colours can come across a little harsh and wash you out. But again, if you love it, I say wear it.

  • Do wear solid colours, as big logos are distracting and any pattern can become distorted by the lens and as you move around.

  • Don’t worry! Whatever you wear is going to be perfect because you’re in it, and this is about capturing all the special things about you. You are way more than what you wear.

Do you have any other questions about what to wear? Leave them in the comments!