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A Gift for Granparents Who Have Everything: There's nothing as special as photos of your family

Family Photos! I can’t say it enough. There’s nothing more meaningful or special. Grandparents love photos of their sweet little grandbabies. And when those grandkids grow up they’ll treasure those photos just as much.

This gorgeous family had a wedding the next weekend, and that could totally be an excuse not to bother with photos. The wedding photographer would surely make a portrait of everyone together so it would be an easy session to decide not to bother with. But what about those sweet yellow rainboots? And a teenaged grandkid enjoying the swings? And Grandma and her sister giggling together?

I love these photos so much. They are filled with the joy and love that this family is overflowing with.We met up at Mill Pond in Richmond Hill for this family photo session and everyone brought Tim Hortons coffee cups to get the morning started off right! Then we headed around the pond, with a detour to the playground. It rained a little, but then we ran in to the gazebo and that worked out just fine! Then we headed to my favourite tree to climb and play in it and we finished up with a few photos of everyone walking on the beautiful paths.

If we were to take photos of your extended family where would you want to do them? Your house? Somewhere gorgeous outside? A studio? Let me know in the comments!