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2 Month Old Baby Photos: it's not too late!

Newborn photos are so sweet. They are tiny and brand new and they sleep all the time. You can wrap them up and pose them and put silly ribbons on their heads. But it took me til my third kid to arrange a photoshoot in those first 15 days. I’m a hot mess after I push a baby out.

But that’s the beauty of lifestyle photography! You don’t need to get it together in those first two weeks. You can stay cocooned in your bed, surrounded by baby wipes, burp cloths and nursing pads. You can wait until your sweet little bundle of joy and you are ready for the world and just take photos then.

I love this photoshoot with sweet Kenna. It was one of the first cold days of the year, and the night before mother nature unleashed her first sprinkling of snow on all of us! That was not in the plans for this fall-themed photoshoot! But luckily by the time we got to shooting at Riverdale Farm it had all melted and fall had returned (visually that is, it was still freezing!)

So we popped jackets off and on and Grandma and Grandpa helped make sure Kenna stayed warm and we made these gorgeous images that I’m so happy to share with you!

Did you manage to get your newborn photos right away or did you and up with an oldborn shoot that was just as cute?