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Extended Family Session in a gorgeous Toronto home with a mini greenhouse!

You already know this gorgeous family, Lisa and Mitch are so awesome at making sure their kids have beautiful photos of their beautiful life to look back on. Not only are they great at getting photos of their own family, they also take the time to organize extended family sessions for BOTH sides of their family. Their kids are going to look back one day at these photos and remember how hard their cousins made them laugh, the special way their grandparents looked at them, and the crazy outfits everyone was wearing and I love that so much. You can check out the first session I did with them down below, where Charlie taught me his method for getting a good smile on his face for photos. Since then Charlie’s fake smiling abilities have become so excellent that he’s now a real life actor on both stage and screen and loving every second of it.

When I arrived at Bubbie’s house I almost died when I saw her front porch. Glassed in with big windows and FULL of plants, I knew we were going to have to shoot in here despite the sub-arctic temperatures outside (remind me why our ancestors moved here again?). And inside was just as great, as the cousins were all very excited to show me. I got probably the most enthusiastic tour anyone has ever had of any space, filled with very exciting anecdotes about all the art Bubbie made (she’s amazing) and all the magic of their sleepovers there. It couldn’t have been cuter.

I like to start sessions like that, hanging out with the kids and getting them to know me and think of me as their friend. I find that when the kids are comfortable with me, everything goes so much smoother. They aren’t hiding from me, and they’re willing to play the silly games I want them to so I can get the smiles and laughter that you want for your walls. Sometimes they get a bit silly, but silly is where I like to exist and I can always use my former-teacher skills to get everyone back if it’s gone too far off the rails ;)

Scroll through below to see this lovely family having a lovely Saturday morning drinking orange juice and tea and laughing as hard as anyone I’ve ever known and see if you fall as in love with them as I am.