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Plants + Giant Windows + a Tiny Baby = My Heaven. Newborn lifestyle photography in a light soaked Toronto condo.

Aisling and Anand own a super cool and stylish dental practive in my St Clair West neighbourhood. I’d been following the news about it opening because it’s called Bitehaus and I knew they were my people. So when Aisling reached out to my and said she wanted me to take newborn photos of their little one, jokingly called “Baby Bitehaus”, I was so excited.

Adorably, we ended up scheduling two seperate sessions because her parents were in and out of town before his parents arrived and they wanted photos with both of them. I think that is so magical. Grandparents are so special, and such a big part of kids lives, and it is so special for kids to be able to see how much they were always loved. I love looking back at my grandparents with me to see what they looked like, how young they were, their hair, everything. When you’re little you think about yourself a lot and being an adult looking back you get to see all the details you missed when you were 8. Or in the case of Jasper, brand spanking new!

Two of the four walls in their condo were all glass and the light was absolutely perfect, streaming in through a grey and snowy day. And sweet baby Jasper was perfect other than a barfing incident that necessitated emergency laundry, which Anand whipped out the iron to make perfect for his sweet wife.

I adore Aisling’s scandinavian style, all white and bright with plants and wood everywhere. She has a swaddle I’ve been coveting, with great big palm leaves all over it, and it was perfect in their space. And a perfect illustrated card she’d gotten at her shower with the baby sizes in your tummy. I also was obsessed with the details in the nursery. Scroll through to see how cute everything in their life, including baby Jasper, is!