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Newborn photography in a beautiful Toronto home - Baby Evander is here!

Do you remember Erica’s maternity session back in December? If you don’t you can check it out below. It was so beautiful. Their home is a lovely old Toronto home with big front windows and cozily decorated rooms. Their whole family is beautiful, and her little boy and girl were so excited to get a baby!

Mom and Dad were hoping Evander would wait to come until the new year even though he was due right around Christmas. Erica had gone way overdue with her first two so she was confident he would wait and he did! So this little dude will always be one of the oldest in his class, and according to Malcolm Gladwell, will have a much brighter hockey future ;)

I love how laid back and casual Mom & Dad were, and because of the calm vibes baby Evander was a perfect little angel during his big modeling debut. He was happy to eat and sleep and be snuggled and he could get rocked back to happiness in under 5 seconds when something mysteriously disturbed him. On a completely unrelated note, in our family, we call the way Poppy and Ollie love on Willow “aggressively affectionate”.

After Evander got some Mommy time and we wrapped him up in a swaddle to get some sweet sleepy shots, we tried to get family snuggle in the bed. Scroll down to see how successful that was ;)