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Caleb got a baby brother!

When I pulled up to Anthony and Meredith’s house I was so confused. I knew it was the same address as when Caleb was born, the street looked the same, but it was a totally different house. Well, it turns out, they tore down the old one and built this high tech new one to make room for Anthony’s parents to move in! How nice is that? I’m always asking my parents if we can move back in with them, but they’re having none of it…. ;)

Anthony wanted to make sure that when they built the new home that it was filled with natural light, so he made sure every room had big windows and put skylights wherever he could to get even more light in. Which meant there was tons of gorgeous light for Dylan’s newborn session!

Caleb was an absolute champ, playing and loving on his brother, and not jealous at all. He was also really in to my ear blowing trick which resulted in lots of cute kissing photos! And Dylan was calm and peaceful, letting me get all the shots I wanted and sneaky off for a little snack when it was Caleb’s time to shine.

I love seeing families again, and it’s so nice to catch up and see how everyone is doing. I hope you love these photos as much as I do!