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Toronto's very own Princess Charlotte

I love when people love things. I don’t care what you love, just go for it. So when Suzanne introduced me to baby Charlotte and their gorgeous dog Pippa, I assumed Liam’s name had something to do with Prince William. I was right! This Royals-lover is all in and I am here for it!

Whenever I get to your house for the first time, I ask for a tour. Partly so I can decide where I want to shoot and where the light is the best, but also because our homes are so incredibly personal and while you show me around I get to know so much about what is important to you and your family. Suzanne showed me the world’s most beautiful blanket that her parent’s had bought her from Advice from a Caterpillar (have you been there!? It’s pretty magical It’s a Bonpoint blanket, which I’d never heard of, but apparently all the British Royal babies get wrapped up in them and I can see why.


We decided to start with some family snuggles in the living room, so Liam came in to hold his baby sister and he couldn’t have been more excited to get in front of the camera. Hi enthusiasm was adorable and I wanted to capitalize on it before he turned (all toddlers do, so I like to capture them at the beginning). Charlotte insisted on a milk break, but Liam got in on that (after a break for some San Remo donuts!) and I adored her little milk covered face when she finished.


After she was done with snack time we headed up to get some bed snuggles and Pippa hopped right up so we got all three babes together. Dad was a little embarrassed because they’re not those people, he said, but Liam and Pippa loved it so much and Charlotte wasn’t bothered and I just couldn’t resist the cuteness. We also managed to sneak a few more family shots in before Liam decided he’d had enough.

Suzanne and I headed in to Charlotte’s adorable nursery, which had been Liam’s, but now he’s got his own big boy room complete with a super cool bunk bed. It was all giraffes and llamas and Charlotte was just perfect in there. And before we finished we had to wrap her up in that gorgeous blanket and capture her sweetness in all the lovely gifts she’d received. Scroll through to see all the sweetness below!