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Mom and Dad had matching newborn photos, and now so does Everley!

Rob is from Toronto, Jenna is from the East coast. But the first time he went to visit her parents, his baby photo was on their wall… Wait, what?! Yup. It was the 80s and there was a company that did baby photos in people’s homes (this is sounding familiar….) and they just did the same thing for everyone! So Jenna and Rob have the exact same baby photo. They had them up at their wedding and when sweet baby Everley came along they wanted one for her too. This made me laugh super hard and OF COURSE we had to do it!

They’ve also got some very crafty folks in their lives, so their nursery was filled with lovely things people who love them had made for Everley. Like this gigantic wall mural Jenna’s bestie had painted for behind her crib! I dragged it out of the way and made them stand in front of it because I couldn’t handle how awesome it is. Aren’t the colours the coolest??


I’ve known Rob for a long time. He is an enthusiastic guy, and he loves things all the way. But watching him love his girls was just magical. He’s completely enamored with the two of them and I can’t blame him. Everley couldn’t be sweeter, with her delicious new baby smell, her perfect little nose and they loving way she looks up at you. And Jenna is such a natural mom, you can see her basking in the loveliness of the newborn days, and the way her eyes light up when she looks at her little one it’s impossible not to love her.

He’s also always loved his sweet pup Blue, and once Jenna came along the three of them were a very happy little family. Blue was in their engagement photos and their wedding day! On the day I was there Blue was moving slower than he had been when I’d seen him last, and he was greyer. But he loved that little baby, sniffing her head, keeping an eye on where she was in the room, and joining the family for a photo even though he was very comfortable right where he was, thank you very much. And when Rob took Everley upstairs for a change I was glad to have captured a few photos of him snuggling with Jenna. Especially a few days later when he passed away. I can’t imagine the heartbreak Rob and Jenna feel. I am so happy that they have some portraits of him with Everley because I know they will all be able to look back on those moments and smile about how glad everyone is that Blue got to love his little baby.