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The sweetest, squishiest little mouth award goes to baby Emrys

Laura and Alex have the loveliest home. I have such a thing for old Toronto houses. There are so many special little details, and walking in to one is like opening up a present. There’s is no exception. It’s full of beautiful light, built in bookshelves and perfectly curated everything. And it feels happy and lived in, filled with big sister Nylah’s toys and cool old mirrors and beautiful baskets from when Laura ran her own baby business.

One little treasure that I absolutely adored was this vintage cradle in their bedroom and the story behind it is amazing! A friend of theirs at the local dog park made it for his first baby. All his kids used it, and when they were done he lent it out. Then he lent it out again, and again and again. Now, nearly every baby in the neighbourhood has slept in it, and all of their names and birthdays are inscribed inside it. The names filled up the entire bottom of the crib, so he added a second pull out panel and that’s half full now too. How beautiful is that? I really wanted to get a photo of their westie Artie by the bassinet, since he was the one who brought them together with it.


Emrys (pronounced Em-Riss, rhymes with kiss) is the sweetest little thing. He’s not fussy at all, and when he stares at you with those big eyes his delicious little mouth curls up in to a smile. When he’s not smiling, his little lips fold in on each other in to the most kissable pout you’ve ever seen, and no one in his house can resist kissing them.

Nylah is especially enamoured with her little brother. She thinks he’s just the greatest thing that ever happened. She was so excited to lie down with him, petting his little head, and wanted to have as many photos taken together as possible. It was delightful to watch her make all the same faces at him that her mom made at her.


While Laura and Nylah worked on her puzzle (which she wanted photos of Emrys on once she’d finished), me, Dad and Emrys snuck upstairs to give her a little alone time with her mom. She’s being a mega trooper and is way more excited that jealous, but that’s because her parents are making an extra effort to make her feel special and, as an older sister myself, I think that’s awesome!

I love how Laura decorated his room, with a wall covered in birch trees, and Allie’s old lamp from when he was a baby. I couldn’t believe how happy he was to be put down in the crib and just hang out there. Spending an afternoon with these guys was so much fun and I was so excited to get to do it. I hope you love these photos as much as I do.